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Welcome to Quine Reference Documentation

Quine is a stateful streaming graph interpreter. It consumes high volume data streams and publishes processed results to other streaming data consumers.

Quine eliminates the complex technical challenges of managing data ordering, time windowing, vertical and horizontal scalability, and the complex asynchronous processing needed to find compound objects or patterns spread across data streams.

Quine is easily integrated into existing data pipelines and highly scalable across existing and next-generation enterprise infrastructure.

  • Install Quine

    Install Quine by downloading a jar file, pulling a container from Docker, or building it form source code.

  • Getting Started

    Connect to an event source, shape events into a graph, inspect data, and develop business logic in minutes.

  • Core Concepts

    If you're new to Quine, or just want a refresher on the fundamentals, you've come to the right place. These docs introduce you to the concepts behind Quine and its architecture.

  • Quine Components

    Once that you feel comfortable with the basics of Quine, these articles will deepen your understanding of how to take advantage of a streaming graph inside your streaming system.

  • REST API Reference

    Use the REST API endpoints to implement data pipelines, retrieve data, and operate a Quine instance.

  • OpenCypher Reference

    Cypher is the most widely use query language for interacting with data in a property graph format.

Please reach out to the team in Discord if the reference docs do not provide what you are looking for.