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Getting Started

The tutorials in this section will teach you to install Quine, connect an ingest stream to an event source in your data pipeline, shape events into a graph, inspect your data, and develop business logic using a standing query.

Quine Architecture

Tutorial Description
Quick Start Start here to walk through the basics and get Quine up and running quickly with no fuss.
Installing Quine Quine is distributed multiple ways, start here and pick the distribution that is right for you.
Ingest Streams After installing Quine, this tutorial walks you through connecting to an event source and forming a streaming graph.
Standing Queries Now that you have events streaming into Quine, this tutorial teaches you how to put Quine to work in your streaming event pipeline.
Recipes Quine recipes are a convenient way to package together Quine config, graph logic/structure, and exploration UI customizations.
Exploration UI Quine’s Exploration UI is an interactive canvas for ad hoc, interactive exploration of your streaming event data.

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We welcome your feedback! Please join the Quine Community and let us know. The team is always happy to discuss Quine and answer your questions.