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Upcoming Events

  • Cassandra Summit 2023

    March 13-14, 2023 in San Jose. Making stream processing easy, stable, and stateful with Quine + Cassandra. Quine continues to improve integrations with Cassandra for performance and stability.


Past Events

  • ScyllaDB Summit 2023

    Quine + ScyllaDB - The Easy Way to Build High-Performance, Stateful Event Stream Processing Pipelines.


  • Current22: Quine + Kafka

    Build a Streaming Graph Pipeline on Apache Kafka with Quine. In this live-coding lightning talk, we'll start from scratch and build a streaming graph data pipeline from start to finish. (10 minutes)


  • The Data Stack Show: What is Streaming Graph

    This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with Ryan Wright, philosopher-CEO at thatDot. During the episode, Ryan discusses all things graph databases, from use cases to scalability and more.


  • Reactive Summit 2022

    Learn how Quine achieves high performance by putting the query execution inline with the event stream. High-volume events stream in, real-time answers to graph queries stream out.


  • WORKSHOP: Using Quine + AstraDB

    Join us for a workshop where you learn by doing. We use Quine and Astra DB, built on Apache Cassandra, to work on a practical use case of detecting a password spraying attack, and help to keep your users safe!


  • Cassandra World Party

    Ryan Wright joins this one-day event that brings the global community together to celebrate the people and the technology behind Apache Cassandra. Lots of speakers, 5 minutes per talk. From July 20th, 2022.


  • The Cassandra Corner Podcast

    Ryan Wright, creator of Quine, joins the Cassandra Corner Podcast and talks about how Quine streaming graph database + Cassandra equals graph that scales to millions of events/second. (recorded June 13 '22)